Disadvantages of E-commerce: Customer’s Guide

E-commerce has a lot of advantages but there are many disadvantages also that will reduce your interest in online shopping. Here are some of the disadvantages.

  1. You can not get the product the moment you order

Of course, products are delivered through shipping so they can not arrive to you on the day you purchased them. Of course, you did not spend your time walking around your area to find a product but you will spend time waiting for it because products do not teleport.

  1. Tendency of being deceived

When there is genuine, there is also fraud. It is very easy to create an e-commerce website so be careful with the fraud ones. Do not give away your identity and money. Also, there are many to be careful about with the fraud ones.

  1. You can not touch products before buying them.

Since you are purchasing online, there is no chance for you to b trying on the product or even observing them. In terms of garment, you have no chance going to the fitting room.

  1. Not all are available online

If you want to order a pizza, it is not sure if you will be  able to receive it the day after purchase. Drinks are not available since these are needed to be refrigerated. No matter how thirsty you are. It is better to find store within your territory.

  1. In case of branded products

It is very hard to spot a real branded product from the false ones. This is why in this situation, it is good to shop on big companies and businesses.