E-commerce Software is extremely flexible. On top of that, it is powerful yet easy to use. For most budget, this is affordable enough with unparalleled level of support and free installation.

BusyBeeCart.com’s shopping cart system is a feature packed shopping cart that will allow you to fully customize it to fit the look and feel of your current website. Through the use of templates, you are not restricted to the look and layout that our designers come up with. Change as little or as much as you need in order to make the cart flow easily with your site.

Flexibility & customizability is key for a successful e-commerce website. If you can not stand apart from the competition, you will not grab the customers attention and business. If your e-commerce solution forces you to use a cookie cutter design or does not allow customizations, your site will just be lost in cyberspace.

Before you can decide on a shopping cart solution, you should ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. Does the shopping cart have the features my company requires?
  2. Will it allow me to customize the cart pages so it will match the look and feel of my site?
  3. Will the product pages be static so that they are search engine friendly?
  4. Is it possible to add the features I require and still be easy to upgrade? Most importantly, how responsive is the support team and is support free?


Absolutely Check!

  1. An unlimited number of items can be added to a shopping cart at once.
  2. Every item added can have an unlimited number of options added at the same time.
  3. Every option can have an additional price and weight.
  4. Your customers can save an item for purchase at a later date.
  5. With a quick click of a mouse, your customers can delete an item from their cart.
  6. Updating the quantity of the items in the customers cart is easy.
  7. Customers no longer have to create an account to check out.
  8. When adding 2 exact same items to the cart, the cart will detect duplicate items and up the quantity instead of adding each item on separate lines like most shopping carts will.
  9. The shopping cart is database independent. You can create your product pages as static HTML pages or they can be created by a database system you already have.
  10. Any item can have a one time base fee. This is great for items like t-shirts. You can charge a $10.00 setup fee and then $3.00 for each shirt. So, if a user orders 2 blue t-shirts, they would be charged $16.00.
  11. Has numerous hot spots so you can integrate with a custom database, custom payment solution or even a custom shipping solution. This means upgrading will not be a problem.
  12. Items can have quantity discounts that are a set amount or can be percentage based.
  13. Users can be redirected after an item is added to the cart. This is a great feature for upselling.
  14. A powerful export utility that comes with templates for exporting to an IIF file for easy importing into QuickBooks™.
  15. A quick download of all e-mail addresses of accounts that wish to receive promotional e-mails from you.
  16. Quickly send e-mails to keep your customer up to date. Great for notification of order being shipped.
  17. A powerful gift module to allow your clients to assign different addresses to each item in their shopping cart.
  18. Gift module works hand in hand with the shipping module so you will not lose money even if you use the real time shipping method.
  19. Special text or even HTML links can be shown on the invoice page based on what the user has purchased. This is great for purchases of software that the user can download.
  20. You can mark any item to have the cart not calculate shipping charges for just that item. This is great for selling gift certificates.